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Research & Publications

Kansas County Situation & Trends

Situation & Trends presents custom county reports incorporating a host of social, demographic and economic data to provide a comprehensive view of local conditions and trends. Prepared primarily as an aid for county Extension planning, community and business leaders have found the reports useful as well. Many use the information in the reports to help document and justify grant and funding requests.

Beginning in 2016, the Office of Local Government moved to the presentation of data reports prepared by Headwaters Economics. Headwaters Economics is an independent, nonprofit research group that works to improve community development and land management decisions in the western United States. You can learn more about Headwaters Economics at their Website: https://headwaterseconomics.org/

Summary Profile
An overview of demographic, industry-specific economic, and land use characteristics.

Socioeconomic Measures
A report on long-term trends in population, employment, personal income, income by industry, wages, and unemployment.

A report covering trends in farm and ranch employment, personal income, corporate income, land use and other characteristics.

Populations at Risk
Populations at Risk reports socioeconomic information about populations more likely to experience adverse social, health, or economic outcomes due to their race, age, gender, poverty status, or other factors.