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Use this page to have quick access to recently released reports and publications.

County Budget Report Webinar - Commissioners
A webinar was created to introduce the 2012 Fiscal Conditions & Trends reports to county commissioners and answer basic questions commissioners may have about information within the reports. The webinar is available for viewing and the accompanying PowerPoint is available for download as a .pdf file. June 2012.

County Budget Report Webinar - Extension Agents
A webinar was created to help county extension agents when delivering the Office of Local Government's Fiscal Conditions & Trends reports to their county commissioners. After this webinar, county agents should feel comfortable delivering the reports, answering basic questions about the information contained in the reports, and familiarizing commissioners with additional services and assistance freely available from OLG upon request. The webinar is available for viewing and the accompanying PowerPoint is available for download. May 2011.

Kansas County Fiscal Conditions & Trends
These custom county reports show county government budget trends from 2002 to 2010. Includes 34 categories of actual expenditures and 20 actual revenue categories from data extracted from county budget documents. Updated annually. May, 2012.

Tuttle Creek Lake Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS)
This report is a comprehensive watershed management plan for the Lower Big Blue and Lower Little Blue River watersheds in Kansas. The plan provides information about water quality conditions, outlines objectives for restoring and protecting water quality, and identifies a variety of agricultural conservation practices and other actions to improve water quality.

The Toolbox section of the Community Environmental Program contains spreadsheets that are designed to help you estimate the environmental and economic impacts associated with the implementation of several Best Management Practices. June 2010.