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Local Government Program

Online Resources

The following links are relevant to the OLG Local Government Program. There are divided into several categories:

Kansas Local Government Professional Associations

League of Kansas Municipalities:
The mission of the League is to unify, strengthen, and advocate for the interestes of Kansas municipalities, to advance the general welfare, and to promote the quality of life of the people who live within our cities.

Kansas Association of Counties:
Advancing the interests of Kansas county governments and the citizens they serve, the Kansas Association of Counties provides legislative representation, leadership and professional education, and resources to address the challenges faced by county government.

Kansas Association of City/County Management:
The Kansas Association of City/County Management (KACM) is an organization of local government management officials working to support and promote professional management and high ethical standards for effective democracy in local city and county governments in Kansas.

Kansas County Clerks' and Election Officials Association:
The purpose of the Kansas County Clerks' and Election Officials' Association is to provide a forum for the full and free discussion of all matters pertaining to the office of County Clerk and to promote efficiency in local government.

City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers Association of Kansas:
The City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers Association of Kansas provides a comprehensive support network encouraging competency, integrity, efficiency and accountability in the delivery of local government services.

Kansas Treasurer’s Association:
The Treasurer's Association is a statewide organization dedicated to providing quality, professional service to the citizens of Kansas.

Kansas Chapter of the American Planning Association:
This association is an organization of professional city planners and allied specialists, local planning commissioners, elected officials, and citizens committed to building better communities through partnerships.

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Kansas Local Governments on the Internet

Kansas Counties on the Web:
This site provides historical, geographical, and demographical information on Kansas counties via Kansas Blue Skyways.

Kansas Cities and Towns on the Web:
This site provides historical, geographical, and demographical information on Kansas cities via Kansas Blue Skyways.

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Kansas Local Government Resource Providers

K-State Research and Extension:
K-State Research and Extension is committed to expanding human capacity by delivering educational programs and technical information that result in improved leadership skills in the areas of communication, group dynamics, conflict resolution, issue analysis, and strategic planning that can enhance the economic viability and quality of life in communities. In particular, see:
K-State Research and Extension Contact Information
K-State Research and Extension County Office Directory

Institute for Policy and Social Research, University of Kansas:
IPSR compiles data from a variety of federal, state, and other sources to publish the annual Kansas Statistical Abstract. The Kansas Data section is an excellent source of state and county-level data, including:

  • Economic Data Summary Reports--graphs and tables for each county including population, labor force, employment by industry, per capita income, and tangible assessed valuation.
  • Kansas County Profile Reports--graphs and tables for each county for over 100 data items selected from the Kansas Statistical Abstract.
  • Kansas Statistical Abstract Archive--custom tables, custom trend graphs, bar charts, and maps from the Kansas Statistical Abstract.

Docking Institute, Fort Hays University:
The mission of the Docking Institute is to facilitate effective decision-making among governmental and non-profit leaders.

Kansas Public Finance Center, Wichita State University:
The Kansas Public Finance Center's focus is two-fold: developing and implementing public strategies that promote economic vitality in Kansas, and advancing the study and practice of public finance.

Center for Economic Development and Business Research, Wichita State University:
The mission of the Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CEDBR) is to enhance the region's economic growth and development.

Kansas Division of Accounts and Reports:
The Division of Accounts and Reports administers the statewide accounting, accounts receivable setoff and payroll systems; initiates accounting policies and procedures, as well as accounting system modifications and enhancements; provides accounting data and reports, on-going training and customer assistance to state agencies and local units of Kansas government.

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Kansas State Government Resources

Kansas Blue Skyways:
Kansas Blue Skyways is a service of the Kansas State Library.

Kansas.gov is the official website for the State of Kansas, highlighting government services. In particular, see:
Agency & Association Listing

The Kansas Collaborative:
The Kansas Collaborative is a joint effort between the State of Kansas, the Kansas Association of Counties and the League of Kansas Municipalities. The Kansas Collaborative is transforming the way government gets things done in Kansas by formalizing collaboration between local and state government.

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Kansas State Government Quick Links

Department on Aging

Department of Agriculture

Attorney General

Department of Commerce

State Conservation Commission

Corporation Commission

Department of Education

Division of Emergency Management

Governmental Ethics Commission

Forest Service

Governor’s Office

Department of Health and Environment

Highway Patrol

Bureau of Investigation

Juvenile Justice Authority

Department of Labor

Legislative Research Department

Department of Revenue

Secretary of State

Department of Transportation

Water Office

Wildlife and Parks

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National Resources

National Association of Counties:
The National Association of Counties (NACo) was created to make sure counties have a strong voice in Washington. It is involved in a number of special projects that deal with such issues as the environment, sustainable communities, volunteerism, and intergeneration studies.

National League of Cities:
The National League of Cities aims to strengthen and promote cities as centers of opportunity, leadership, and governance.

National Association of Towns and Townships:
NATaT’s purpose is to champion fair-share federal funding decisions and to promote legislative and regulatory policies designed to strengthen grassroots local government.

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