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Local Government Program

Comparative Analysis of County Revenues and Expenditures

What is it?

A common desire for local governments, and citizens, is to know how their fiscal situation compares to that of their peers. They want to know what the numbers and rankings are, as well as why. Intimate knowledge of the counties is necessary to completely answer why there are differences in revenues and expenditures and while that amount of knowledge is not probable, the OLG has the ability to show the numbers and explain some differences.

The Comparative Analysis report is a custom report that supplements the Kansas Fiscal Conditions & Trends Reports. This report shows how an individual county government compares to a population-based group of peers. It takes another look at trends in the revenue and expenditure categories highlighted in the Fiscal Conditions & Trends Reports as well as employee benefit expenditures, demand transfers, and other revenues.

How can this tool be used?

  • To compare a county‚Äôs fiscal situation to its peers and a Kansas county average in several revenue and expenditure categories
  • To provide a brief explanation of revenue and expenditure outliers
  • To see county trends over time
  • To see what percent of total revenue a source accounts for
  • To see what percent of total expenditure an expense accounts for

What does it take to make it happen?

Our Comparative Analysis report is available to counties for free upon request. If your county's Board of Commissioners would like to have this report prepared and presented, please contact our office. Follow this link to view a sample Comparative Analysis report.

How can I find out more?


Rebecca Bishop, Extension Associate
Office of Local Government
Department of Agricultural Economics

John Leatherman, Professor and Director
Office of Local Government
Department of Agricultural Economics