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Community Environmental Program

BMP Auctions

What is a BMP Auction?

This is a cutting edge allocation process that is being used in several watersheds within the state. We set up a “reverse auction” where producers within a watershed place “bids” to adopt runoff-reducing BMPs on their land. We then rank each bid on its effectiveness, or its ability to reduce runoff for the lowest price and contract with the producers to implement the practice.

Why should it be used?

One of the best things that most watershed leadership teams discover about BMP auctions is that they do not have to worry about how much to pay a producer to adopt a BMP. Because, in this case the producer sets his or her own price and our cost-effectiveness ranking determines the most effective bundle of BMPs for the available budget. Results have shown that BMP auctions getmore BMPs on the ground for less money than traditional government cost-share programs.


Another benefit of BMP auctions is that producers enjoy the simplicity of the paperwork involved. In most cases, a producer is only required to fill out a two page bidding form and assist a technician on locating their operation on a map.