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Community Environmental Program

OLG is actively involved in a watershed-scale planning and management initiative that not only fosters greater watershed stakeholder involvement, but also attempts to enhance the effectiveness of BMP implementation.

The Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) process is a planning and management framework that engages stakeholders within a particular watershed to:

1. Identify watershed restoration and protection needs and opportunities.
2. Establish management goals for the watershed community.
3. Create a cost-effective action plan to achieve goals.
4. Implement the action plan.

WRAPS represents a shift from “top-down” government intervention in watershed management, to a citizen/stakeholder-led approach, in which funds, guidance and technical assistance are provided for stakeholders to reach consensus on issues of relevance in their watershed and to design and execute a plan to address those issues. WRAPS is stakeholder driven and a voluntary process, no one is forced to participate or adopt best management practices.

WRAPS is funded using both EPA 319 and State of Kansas funds administered by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.