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Community Economic Development Program

The Community Economic Development (CED) programs and services from the Office of Local Government (OLG) are designed to:

  • Address broad economic concerns,
  • Improve quality of life,
  • Build resilient and thriving communities throughout Kansas.

The CED program provides community leaders with reliable analysis and research findings relating to local economic performance. OLG staff professionals can facilitate community-wide discussion of major issues and assist in the development of a shared vision for future economic growth and overall community development.

Through the CED program, OLG strives to increase the level of economic literacy within communities using tools that help communities assess their strengths and weaknesses and design action plans to address a variety of social and economic issues.

Overall, OLG works with communities toward the long-term goal of economic stability and growth, creating an environment where residents, young and old, enjoy a high quality of life.

The CED program from OLG also offers a variety of specialized technical analyses such as retail trade analysis, economic impact studies, and various types of statistical and mathematical modeling geared toward better understanding industry performance, economic policies and events, and prospective economic development strategies.

Envisioning Economic Prosperity for Your Community’ is the flagship CED program. Through this strategic planning and visioning program, OLG assists rural communities across the state of Kansas to take stock of community assets and capacity, assess strengths and weaknesses, and identify comparative advantages. The outcomes of this process include developing a shared vision for the community’s future, identification of top priority goals and objectives as well as strategies to address them, and formation of action groups to implement the specific action items of the strategic plan.